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About Me

Thanks for visiting my website! My name is Craig "CJ" De Leo, and I'm a 22-year-old recent college graduate originally from northern New Jersey.

I recently finished up my senior year at Bloomsburg University, a nationally-ranked public university in central Pennsylvania. I double majored in Mass Communications, with a formal concentration in Film and Television Production, and Political Science, where my primary focus has been American Politics and Public Administration.

While attending high school at Kinnelon High School in Kinnelon, NJ, I was an active member of the KHS Audio/Video Club, where I first gained an interest in video production and digital media. The KHS A/V Club is responsible for the daily production of the KHS Morning Show (morning announcements) and the annual KHS Film Festival. It was through this club that I first gained experience with video production, editing, and scriptwriting.

During my time at Bloomsburg, I was an active member of numerous clubs and academic memberships on campus, including:

  • National Broadcasting Society, an organization dedicated to the art of video production, through which I created video content on a regular basis.
  • BUnow, Bloomsburg University's student-run online newspaper, through which I served as the News/Politics editor, among other positions, from my Freshman year on.
  • 91.1FM - WBUQ, Bloomsburg's FCC-regulated Radio Station, through which I hosted a Talk Show on Entertainment and Current Events, and served as the station's Webmaster.
  • BU Smash and Fighting Games Club, a social organization centered around gaming, and particularly the Super Smash Bros. series.
  • POSSA - The Political Science Student Association , an organization dedicated to the civil discussion and dissection of modern political issues among Political Science majors and minors.
  • Alpha Epsilon Rho, The National Honors Society for the Study of Electronic Media.
  • Pi Sigma Alpha, The National Honors Society for the Study of Political Science.
  • Phi Kappa Phi, the largest and most respected national academic honor society that is open to students in all disciplines, and only accepts the top 10% of graduating seniors.
  • My main source of income while in college was through my job at Instructional Media Services (IMS). The on-campus office oversees the various video projects produced by campus, is responsible for the broadcasting of events such as sporting games, and oversees content shared on BUTV and WBUQ. I worked in various capacities through IMS, primarily through camerawork, replay operation and graphics at games, as a technical director, audio engineer, and general production assistant at in-studio events, as a director and editor for multiple projects for the university, and as an IT specialist in the realm of media technology.

    As a Multimedia Specialist, I have a wide ranging skills set that I have developed through my formal education and various extracurricular activities; these include:

  • Video Production and Digital Videography/Photography, my personal camera is a Canon DSLR (Rebel T6i), though I also frequently used Canon 80D, and ENG cameras such as Canon XA35 and Canon XF for various school projects.
  • For samples of my photography, please visit my photography page or my instagram.
  • For samples of my video work, please visit the "videos" page.
  • Video Editing, through software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects
  • Web Design and Development, with adept knowledge of multiple programming languages:
  • This Website was written entirely by hand using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Digital Marketing In addition to having strong data entry skills, I am adept in Email Marketing, corporate communication, E-commerce, and Google Analytics. I have found through my professional experience that many of the skills I have developed, such as website management and graphic design, are of great use in the Digital Marketing field.
  • Graphic Design, primarily through programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Indesign, and Motion Graphic Design, using these softwares in conjunction with video editing software
  • Writing, Due to my background in Mass Communications, most of my experience writing is in the form of Online and Multimedia Journalism (see BUnow) as well as copywriting for websites and social media, writing scripts for television broadcasting, and copy editing and blogging through WordPress
  • Audio Recording, Podcasting, and Sound Design, through the use of programs such as Adobe Audition and Audacity, and often in conjunction with Adobe Premiere
  • For podcasting and voice recording, I use a Behringer cardioid mic and a Behringer KENYX502 Soundboard. In field recording, I typically use a Rode mic, or my DSLR's internal mic, though this is typically a judgement call based on availability of equipment and the needs of the shoot.
  • Research, I have a strong background in qualitative and quantitative information gathering from studies in both Political Science and Mass Media, as well as familiarity with SPSS and the formal academic research process
  • If you would like to know more about me, as well as some of the work done during my time at Bloomsburg, check out the other pages on this website. Links to my various social media can be found at the bottom of this and the other pages on this website.