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Utterly Nonsense Podcast

The Utterly Nonsense Podcast is a weekly enterainment news and nerd culture podcast that I've hosted since my junior year with Jon Caglianone, one of my best friends from Bloomsburg. Utterly Nonsense has acted as a fun way of practicing my presenting and editing skills in a low-pressure environment. The below playlist contains all of the full-length podcast episodes as they appear on YouTube. Additionally, if you visit the Utterly Nonsense Youtube Channel, you may find each of the sources where we broadcast the audio-only episodes.

Additionally, I co-hosted a Weekly Politics Podcast and a Weekly Radio Show for BUnow and WBUQ, respectively. For more on these shows, please visit those pages.

The Utterly Nonsense YouTube Channel is also home to many of my video projects from my time at Bloomsburg. Weekly podcast episodes are clipped into smaller segments and re-uploaded onto YouTube.

Trailer for the Utterly Nonsense Podcast

Complete playlist containing all episodes to date of the Utterly Nonsense Podcast


The Utterly Nonsense Podcast opening sequence, as used on YouTube; comprised of numerous clips from previous work I've done.

Utterly Nonsense Motion Graphic

The Utterly Nonsense clip opening, which I designed using After Effects. This is used before any clip from a full podcast episode.
The ending graphic used for podcast episodes, also created in After Effects.