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Multimedia Specialist

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Video Projects and Work in Video Production

This page gives a brief glance into my work in video production and editing. For some of the video work I've done on my podcast and with BUnow, check out the "Podcasting" and "BUnow" pages, respectively. Additionally, much of my video work is available on the Utterly Nonsense YouTube page.

My "off-camera reel" - a short compilation of some of my behind-the-camera work (direction, editing, camerawork, etc.)

Instructional Media Services

While attending Bloomsburg University, I was employed as a videographer and student employee at Instructional Media Services (IMS). In addition to regulating Bloomsburg University broadcast channels such as BUTV and WBUQ, IMS employees create videos for various on-campus organizations, as well as local businesses.

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The most common on-campus event recordings were sports games, though through my time at IMS, I also have experience shooting various performing arts events, graduation ceremonies, and other on-campus events.

Outside of live and recorded video projects, IMS employees are responsible on a daily basis for rentals of various audio/video equipment, basic IT work surrounding media technology, and maintenance of the various television and radio studios on the Bloomsburg University campus.

The below playlist contains various versions of an advertisement that I directed for the university. During the production of this advertisement, I managed a small team of fellow IMS employees, edited the project, created original motion graphics, and gathered the various multimedia elements that made up the final project, all while reporting to the Bloomsburg University Department of Marketing and Communications.

Class Projects

The below videos in this section were made for a few different class projects, which show off both the breadth and range of my skill in various styles of video production, as well as my general improvement throughout my time at Bloomsburg.

What is Geocaching?

This video was the final project for a course on documentary filmmaking. The class, having received a grant from a wealthy alumnus for the purposes of making one feature-length sports documentary, worked on a classwide project for most of the semester. This specific project, an individual edit, was given a fairly broad scope: make a short documentary on anything, as long as it incorporates sports into it in some way. I personally am not much of a "sports person," so I focused on Geocaching, a lesser-known outdoor activity that many of the viewers of the documentary had little to no prior knowledge of.

Nerf Gun Control

A short comedy segment for an advanced editing final project. Outside of using Premiere for the basic editing and color correction, I used After Effects to edit both the ending motion graphics and animate the gun shots.

Saint Patrick's Day

A short film for an upper level video production course. The short centers around two roommates on Saint Patrick's Day, one of whom is obsessed with catching a leprechaun.

Couch Potato

A music video set to "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Couch Potato," a parody of Eminem's "Lose Yourself." The music video was loosely inspired by the format used in the Epic Rap Battles of History.

The Final Journey

The Final Journey is an interactive short film I directed, which serves as a last hoorah for my senior year. Inspired by the Black Mirror standalone special, "Bandersnatch," The Final Journey follows the protagonist as the player determines which path he walks.

If you intend to view The Final Journey in its entirety, I strongly recommend viewing on a desktop with autoplay enabled.

Choice A Choice B

View The Final Journey on a separate page.

National Broadcasting Society

National Broadcasting Society (NBS) is a country-wide student organization dedicated to preparing students for careers in television production and mass media as a whole. I've been involved with the Bloomsburg chapter of NBS since the beginning of my sophomore year, and I've found that NBS provides a fantastic creative outlet to practice and improve upon my existing skills in videography and video editing.

NBS is also attached to Alpha Epsilon Rho, the National Honors Society for the Study of Electronic Media. I was inducted into the society, alongside a handful of other NBS members nationwide.

Video projects created by NBS members are regularly broadcast on local cable (BUTV) as part of a student produced variety show, "Roughcut."

Advertisement for National Broadcasting Society/Alpha Epsilon Rho that I Shot, Edited, and Co-Wrote while in Philadelphia for the 2019 Annual Convention.

NBS Digital Shorts

The NBS Digital Shorts (abbreviated as NBSDS) have been one of my biggest creative outlets during my time in NBS. NBSDS is largely inspired by Andy Samberg's run on SNL, and has been an ongoing series of short comedy segments that I have been deeply involved with for the past several years. I mainly contributed to the group as a co-leader, director, editor, and videographer, though I've also written and produced several shorts.

BU on the Street

As is the case with NBSDS, BU on the Street is a bi-weekly comedy series that I contributed to, primarily as a videographer. BUOTS differs from NBSDS in that it is loosely based off of Billy Eichner's "Billy on the Street," and utilizes impromptu reactions from cast members and unsuspecting bystanders.


HotSpot is an entertainment news segment that airs on BUTV on a bi-weekly basis with other Roughcut segments. This follows a traditional news segment format, as opposed to some of the other segments I contributed to with NBS. I took over general production and editing of the segment after the graduation of the previous overseer.

Pre-College Video Work

Prior to beginning my studies at Bloomsburg University, I was actively involved with Kinnelon High School's A/V Club, production of the KHS Morning Show, and the annual KHS Film Festival. I include this section for a few reasons: it shows off my early experience with video production, how far my skills have come, and my commitment to the craft.