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Multimedia Specialist

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BUnow.com is a student-run online newspaper based in the Mass Communications department of Bloomsburg University. The site has existed for over a decade, and is currently the most viewed student produced media source on campus. Content on the BUnow website is managed through WordPress, and by virtue of my time with BUnow, I have strong experience with blogging and designing through WordPress.

Positions Held

Since joining BUnow's writing staff in my Freshman year, I have held several positions on the paper's executive board. These include:

  • News/Politics Editor - My main position for the majority of my time at BUnow, I pitched stories to the writing staff regularly, and consistently contributed articles on politics and other world events. On a regular basis, I edited articles that fell into the purview of the News/Politics section, and provided advice for methods to improve writing quality.
  • Head of Video/Video Producer - I held the position of Head of Video through most of my sophomore year, having taken over from a student who had graduated. In this position, I oversaw the posting of new video content, advised students on productions, and headed up a livestream around the 2016 Election. I worked with the subsequent Head of Video in a similar capacity, and expanded on the position to include original podcasts exclusively for BUnow.
  • Opinion and Editorial Editor - I served as an interim editor to the Opinion and Editorial section of BUnow while the position was vacant. In this capacity, my job requirements were nearly identical to that of my News/Politics position, with the key difference being in subject matter.
  • As an executive board member, I would regularly work with the rest of the executive staff to improve viewership on the site, participate in fundraising and charity events, work with the PR team to increase awareness of the group, and work with the graphic/web designer to improve the overall layout of the site.

Content Created for BUnow:


Most of the work I've done for BUnow has been in the form of political articles. When I first began writing for BUnow in 2016, I contributed weekly columns titled, "This Week in Politics," following the 2016 Presidential Election. These were praised by the editorial staff for being well-written and unbiased, as opposed to the typical collegiate politics piece. After being promoted to the editorial staff, my work for the site became more about providing commentary, and providing educational pieces on the world of politics.

Vermin Supreme Headline

Headline from "Vermin Supreme for President," a Political Satire Piece, and my current most-viewed article on BUnow, at 1,230 unique views.

Additionally, I have contributed articles for numerous other sections on the site, including Opinion and Editorial, Entertainment, Music and On-Campus.

Captain Marvel Headline

Headline from "Captain Marvel: Three Biggest Takeaways from the Trailer"

James Gunn

From the BUnow main page - my article, "James Gunn Reinstated as Director of Guardians 3," which I wrote within minutes of the news breaking.

Weekly Politicast

I started BUnow's "Weekly Politicast" earlier this year, as a means of developing original audio content for the site, and as a means of providing political commentary through a different medium than what many viewers may have been used to.

The Above Playlist contains all of the BUnow Weekly Politicast episodes that have been released to date.

Low-Res Reviews

Low-Res Reviews were developed by myself and Eric Barlow as a means of creating regular original video content for BUnow. The gimick was simple, we would review movies immediately after seeing them, and record the entire thing from the dashboard of the car we drove to the theater in.

The above playlist contains all of the reviews we recorded under the "Low-Res Reviews" moniker